The Hustler Nation Plans Hostile Takeover Of Kalonzo’s Home Turf


The hustler nation under the stewardship of their United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party have began their infiltration of Kalonzo Musyoka home turf in Kitui county.

The UDA party has opened its branch office in Mwingi North, Kitui county which is a Wiper Party stronghold. The Hustler nation is currently on a party sensitisation phase. This is in preparation to register more members and woo voters as we gear towards 2022 general election.

Mwingi North is the political home turf of H.E. Kalonzo Musyoka, who has already announced his bed for presidency come next year’s general elections.

This comes in the wake of incessant critiquing of the UDA party and it’s Bottom-Up economic approach by top leaders in Kitui county.

Among the critiques is Kitui County’s governor Charity Ngilu. She is on record saying that Kenya does not lack in any of the factors of production as the hustler nation claims. We have land, labour, capital and technology.

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“What we lack is a Leadership that is committed to working with and for Kenya. Mr. Bottoms Up One Phone Call Investor Economics leads this pack of uncommitted leadership that has resorted to political deception and exploitation of the poor masses.Food security is important to any Kenyan, whether they are, bottoms up, hustler, dynasty, top down, or whatever other term you have coined for Kenyans.” Governor Ngilu said.

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