Lilian says Goodbye to Governor Mutua

Lilian, Wife to Governor Mutua

There is a song by Roger Whittaker that has the line: “the first time we said hello, we started to say goodbye.”

Governor Mutua and her now ex wife, Lillian journey in opposite direction started two months ago.

“Two months ago, we decided to slowly disengage. We are in amicable terms and remain very close as friends. We will continue to talk, meet and share ideas constantly” he posted

According to Mutua Lillian has been an excellent First Lady and affirmed despite the separation she will do some projects under the Lillian Nganga foundation.

Governor Mutua confirmed that her ex wife will be a close advisor as he Governs Machakos County and run for President.

I trust her sharp insight and heart. She has always been my number one fan. Our love for each other is permanent but I think at times, space and new directions are important.” Mutua posed.

I thank God for bringing Lillian into my life and the many ways we have made each other grow. We have had a laugh and at times a tear but all in all we have been a power couple and very happy. We celebrate life and are pleased that we have reached this decision in a mature, agreeable manner.” He added

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