Mwingi: Drop outs rekindle their education flame


Mwingi pupils taken back to school by well wisher after father defiled one, was arrested, forcing them to drop out of school due to poverty

It was a joyous period for two siblings aged ten and seven after a well wisher took them back to school after they dropped out of school early this year.

Peninah Mulae, their mother said she was living with her mother at Kyulungwa village in Waita ward, Mwingi central when she luckily got married to a man who worked in Kajiado.

The mother of three,then, moved to Kajiado together with her two younger children and started life in Kajiado together with her husband


Little did she know that the much hyped marriage would soon turn sour.She got pregnant and when she visited the hospital to deliver her fourth born, the husband defiled her ten year old daughter.She said he has been in custody since February this year.

She then moved back to her mother’s house and a month later, the mother passed on.She was then left to fend for her four children with the youngest being six months old and the oldest 14 years old.

“Ever since my mother died whom we depended on, life has been so hard for me and my children as I was unable to take them to school and also provide food for them,” she said.

She also said she has never appeared for the mention and hearing of her defiled daughter’s case at Kajiado Law court due to financial constraints.

“Ever since he was arrested, I have never appeared in court as I can’t afford the transport to and from Kajiado,” she said

However, she said she had been looking for ways her children would go back to school and it is when a local NGO came through.

Under the leadership of its CEO, Patrick Mwendwa, Vision Together Foundation, which had initially sponsored the two children also took the step of taking them back to school.The children got uniforms, books among other necessities and were taken to Kyulungwa Primary school.

Daniel Muimi, the NGO chair in Kyulungwa said they will see the children through all levels of education and also look for other ways to empower their mother who is very needy.Ends.

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