Mwingi residents still trek over 10 kilometers in search of water


We have leaders, yet we trek for over 10 kilometers in search of water, Mwingi residents
Locals who neighbor Kithyoko River in Nguutani ward, Mwingi west have blamed both national and county government for neglect.
This is after their only source of water dried up following immense sand harvesting along the area.

The residents who solely depended on the permanent river are now forced to walk over ten kilometers together with their cattle to a nearby water source to fetch water for domestic use and for cattle to drink.

Charles Ngesa, a local said apart from hunger that has stricken most parts of the country, they are now facing a another challenge of water scarcity.

“We have no food and no water yet we have leaders,” lamented Charles.
The residents have threatened to take law into their own hands once they see the sand scoopers stating the government is watching but is doing nothing.

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Felistus Mueni, a local said their cattle have started dying following the drought which was occasioned by the low rainfall experienced in most parts of the country.

She has called upon local leaders to step in and ensure sand harvesting along the river stops as the act has robbed them off their only source of water.

“We have depended on this river for so many years but we have nowhere to fetch water now as sand harvesters have scooped all the sand and the river has dried up,” she said

She added women are having a hard time leaving young children behind and returning late in the night after a long journey of trekking to look for water.

Catherine Mutua, another local has said women risk being raped as they move over night in search for water.

She has also urged the county leadership to step in and connect water at a nearby water kiosk which was disconnected few days after the launch.


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