Khaminwa Calls On President Uhuru, Raila To Apologize After BBI Loss


With the country thrown in a frenzy hours after the court of appeal upheld the High Court’s verdict that made the BBI illegal, senior counsel Dr. John Khaminwa has called on the president and retired Prime Minister Raila Odinga to apologize to Kenyans.

Dr. Khaminwa argued that the president and his BBI co-author Raila were wrong to bulldoze the BBI report on Kenyans. He arguey that the constitution is more supreme and nobody has powers to scratch and dictate Judges on what to do.

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“I have been a lawyer for quite sometime and Judiciary remains independent from the Executive. What the President did was not good therefore he needs to Apologise with his fellow friend Raila Odinga.” Khaminwa said.

The celebrated lawyer added that Kenya is meant for all everyone of its students. No one is guaranteed to dictate on the welfare and well-being of the state. He added that the Law is very clear that all Kenyans have an equal task and services to the Government.

“I will remain loyal and focused to the law of KENYA as it guarantees me a ticket to heaven. Tulinde katiba na tuzingatia hatma na Sheria ya nchi/ let us defend the constitution and observe the laws of the country and it’s future .”The senior counsel finalized.

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