Place in Kitui where women do not pay bus fare. find out why


Mention of Kitui, then the narrative of beautiful women clicks the mind.

County 015 arguably produces the most beautiful women.

Due to their stunning looks, then majority of them from Mui,Mwingi East and Zombe Mwitika have enjoyed free rides, thanks to their cuteness.

Once the matatu operators sighted the beauty standing along the road waiting to board a car, they would stop and carry them for free.

However, this didn’t happen to everyone, only those whose beauty caught the eyes of the driver.

The rest paid.
However, due to the harsh economic times, things have changed and everyone is now paying transport money.

Even when they have been hiked, the narrative of being beautiful doesn’t apply nowadays, courtesy of the tough economic times.

The issue of drivers incurring losses after ferrying beautiful women now remains a falacy.

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