Video: Johnstone Muthama Asks President Uhuru To Resign

Muthama opposes referendum

Former Machakos County to senator and United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party chairman Johnstone Muthama has called on president Uhuru Kenyatta to resign.

While speaking during a press conference, the UDA point man said that it is not DP Ruto who should resign buy the president.

“Kama kuna mtu anafaa kujiuzulu sio naibu wa Rais ila ni Uhuru mwenyewe- yeye ametoa mfano mzuri ya Theresa May aliyeongoza referendum kule kwao na aliposhindwa akajiuzulu. Pia David Cameroon alijiuzulu baada ya referendum aliyoiongoza kushindwa..”.
Johnston Muthama said which loosely translates to:

“If there is anyone that ought to resign, then it is the president himself and not the deputy president. The president used a perfect example of Theresa May who led a referendum campaign and when she failed to see it through, she resigned. Even David Cameron resigned after the referendum je was push for failed”

This comes barely days after president Uhuru Kenyatta asked his deputy William Ruto to resign if he is not comfortable with the Jubilee government.

Muthama is not the only UDA die hard who is calling for the president to resign after his public attack his deputy. Form senator for Kakamega county, Bonny Khalwale also called on the president to resign following the untimely death of the BBI campaigns. Khalwale said this on national television during a morning show.

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