Former VP Moody Awori Weighs In On Withdrawal Of Ruto’s Security Detail


As the country escalates into political tension, the former Vice President, Moody Awori has weighed in on the withdraws of DP Ruto’s security detail.

The former VP noted that it is not acceptable to humiliate a sitting DP in the manner Ruto is.

“I was once the Vice President of the Republic of Kenya and not even a single day did my boss undermined nor frustrated me the way Deputy President William Ruto is being treated.” Moody Awori said.

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Moody Awori added that the situation between president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy is not as simple as it seems. He called for reconciliations between the two.

“We need to monitor in detail and Understand why the two are not on good terms as usual. However maybe the Depity President wronged his boss at some point. Who knows!!. Definitely the President might not have wronged the Deputy President but the other way round. The Deputy President should avoid using the likes of Oscar Sudi and other guys to pass the message to the President.” Moody said.

He further advices the Deputy President William Ruto, to kindly reach out to the President and reconcile their differwn.

“Kindly make a phone call to the president or call for a special meeting with him and sort out your issues. Stop using mere Politicians who don’t understand the welfare of the nation to pass your message.” He advised.

The former VP also hinted on a possible meeting with the DP to discuss the best way forward.

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