Kitui: Reshuffled procurement officers to facilitate corruption.

Profile Photo: Kitui Governor, Hon Charity Ngilu

Following a grant of 200 million that is meant to be issued by the World bank to facilitate matters climate change that the governor has always purported to advocate for, the County Government has reshuffled it’s procurement officers in order to ensure that the monies end up in the advocates pocket.

Ngilu’s puppet’s son, some well known arrogant, rude and proud guy, has openly been threatening different officers in different departments, not just the procurement office, as long as you aren’t dancing to their wishes in which case he always tells this people that he is the government.

Oh well, when sirkal speaks we’ve got to listen right, and in this case we heard it from sirkal. Indeed, for those who have been doubting whether there’s a system in Kitui, stay tuned for more………

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