Kitui: Female high school student rushed to hospital for alcohol poisoning


Earlier today a student from a well known girl school in kitui county had to be rushed to the hospital by one of their teachers after she became unconscious. The girl was found unconscious at Kitui Stadium in the company of others, who had been drinking alcohol.

Citizens who were not happy with what was happening decided to act and arrest the culprits and forward them to the police station. The other culprits who were at Kitui stadium at the time fled the scene when they realised what was happening.

The citizens made a report at the police station on what had happened and informed the police about the unconscious intoxicated girl. Seeing as the girl was in her school uniform it was not hard to identify her. The police then called one of the teachers who came and took the girl to the hospital.

The citizens have expressed their hanger on grown ups who are indulging the young stars. The various club owners as well have also been cautioned against selling alcohol to young stars, they say it is against all rules of morality

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