Ngilu: County Govt of Kitui seeks to enlarge the scope of Health services


Governor Charity Ngilu has called on religious leaders to urge their congregation to enroll in the soon-to-be-launched Universal Healthcare Cover (UHC).

Speaking to the Entire clergy of ACK at the Anglican Church of Kenya St Paul’s Mother Church Syongila, She said that the time has come to have all Kitui residents registered with NHIF, to have access to affordable healthcare.

Affordable Healthcare is Governor Ngilu administration’s agenda number two, where its upgrading Musang from the already existing KCHIC to NHIF.

This aims at enlarging the scope of services and facilities where Musangi can get Medical services from, countrywide.

The fifty-fifty sharing pact will have the Governor paying three thousand, then each family will pay three thousand for the yearly subscription to NHIF.

Kitui County currently has 303 health care facilities, up from 178 in 2017; 232 dispensaries, 56 health centers, and 14 level iv hospitals.

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