Mwau wants men involved in ‘Ndwae ngone Mwaitu’

Makueni Deputy Governor - Hon Adelina Mwau

Ndwae Ngone mwaitu is a Kamba ceremony that is organized by one to visit his/her Biological mother accompanied by friends.They carry with them presents and other valuable things to give it to the visited mother.

Maakueni Deputy Governor, Hon. Adelina Mwau has urged Men to equally get involved with Ndwae Ngone mwaitu as it is a way of getting blessings from parents.

“It is more blessing to just say thank you to your parents, this is not only for women but also men: We all need blessings” Mwau said

Mwau was speaking during Ndwae ngone mwaitu of Martha Nganga one of her body guards in Inzau, Makindu.

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