Kitui Makes Strides Towards the Realization of Universal Health Coverage.


Kitui county government has partnered with the NHIF to enlist households under the National Health Insurance Fund scheme in bid to upgrade the county’s heath sector from the County Health Insurance Cover to NHIF.

Speaking to community leaders in Katulani during the sensitization drive ahead of the mass registration, Governor Charity Ngilu said “Under the arrangement, the beneficiaries will pay sh. 3000 and the county will support the residents by paying additional sh. 3000 to guarantee a yearly subscription of sh. 6000”.

According to Governor Ngilu, the plan seeks to ensure successful implementation of the universal healthcare by ensuring beneficiaries access health services in all facilities countrywide.“

My administration is keen to safeguard the Universal health coverage (UHC) as part of the President’s big four agenda. The independence government sought to cure the same, the present government has laid out the same vision and my government is keen on the same”. Said Ngilu.

The scheme, she says, will ensure there is sustainability and quality in provision of healthcare services across the county.

The NHIF will provide medical cover for the outpatient as well as the inpatient hospitalization to the beneficiaries in the NHIF accredited hospitals in the country. The subsidy programme will assist all households in Kitui towards the achievement of Universal Health coverage as per Governor Ngilu’s plan.

Katulani DCC Shufaa Mwijuma was also present amongst other leaders.

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