Mwingi North Youths decry of Ngilu’s poor leadership

Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu adressing youths at a past event in Kitui town

By Henry Mwangangi

It is in the public domain that the county government of Kitui under Her Excellency the Governor is not short of failures. If there were medals for the least functional governments, you know who would take all cups home. I will however restate for the sake of reminding you; Kitui County.

This is a government that has worked so tireless to marginalize areas that were otherwise starting to develop.
It has neglected, for instance the youth of Mwingi North Constituency and focused on God-knows-where.

There is not tangible record for any young person in Mwingi North that has received the recognition to acquire say tenders in the Kitui County Government. The youth are now saying that pot-bellied aged men from other constituencies have been forced to add to the capacity of their stomach by chewing thay is meant for the young guys.

With a vast majority of the people living in Mwingi North being the youth, questions are arising as to why for the four years the county government has been in office there have been no projects for them.

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The county government has further escalated the joke of neglecting Mwingi North Youth by ignoring their plea. No one seems to give them audience except when they want their votes.

“How are we supposed to build and grow our businesses and companies as youths from Mwingi North if we don’t get even a single project from the county government?” Asks Kali Kimanzi, a frustrated young man.

The role of any government is to ensure smooth operations among those it governs. This entails equity and equality in its modus operandi both of which lack in the current incompetent government of the Kitui County.

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