Governor Mutua’s Take On The Infamous ‘Deep State’


Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has weighed in on the controversial ‘Deep State,’ that has been attributed to blackmailing the government time and again.

According to political pundits, the deep State is a well-coordinated network of powerful individuals who call the shots in the government. The Machakos County boss noted that it’s existence is not farfetched.

Having served in president Kibaki’s government, governor Mutua, affirmed to the existence of sick an outfit and shared his experience with the same. Mutua served as the government spokesman under Kenya’s third president, Mwai Kibaki.

Governor Mutua Mutua noted that on Kibaki’s era, the deep State was commonly referred to as the ‘kitchen cabinet.’

“When I served under Mwai Kibaki- I’m writing this in my book- , I was privileged position to see how governments run.  I used to see the frustrations of Ambassador Muthaura. At that time, we did not talk about the deep state, we talked about the kitchen cabinet, apparently there was a kitchen cabinet… basically made up of government officials who ran the show,” Governor Mutua said.

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The governor further explained that such administrative outfits result from lack of a formal government structure which create a power vacuum. Also, he added that having an ineffective government structure favors the creation of a powerful deep state.

“It is when you have these informal structures that you have a problem, the reason Kibaki and Muthaura succeeded is because they did not let any other view into the government, it was basically a government led from the front” Mutua said. 

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