Video: Governor Ngilu’s Prayer About DP Ruto That Has Sparked Controversy

Kitui County's Governor H.E Charity Kaluki Ngilu.

Kitui County Governor Ngilu has ignited mixed reactions from the Kenyan online community after making a public prayer concerning DP William Ruto.

The governor was touring the county launching livestock trucks which were recently procured to assist the farmers in ferrying their livestock to the market.

According to governor Ngilu, farmers in the region have been suffering major loses while moving the animals which walk long distances to the market thus loosing weight and market value.

While addressing the residents of Kisasi market, Governor Ngilu made a prayer in her native Kamba language.

The prayer however seemed to revolve around DP Ruto, claiming how bad he is. She cursed the DP asking God to rescue Kenyans adding that the country will sink under his leadership further claiming he is an enemy of the people.

Governor Ngilu’s prayer at Kasasi market in Kitui county about DP William Ruto. The prayer has sparked alot of controversy on social media platforms.

“Dear God, there is someone in our country who has lost control called Ruto. Please God remove Ruto from our midst. He is a bad person, he is someone who is here to disturb our country’s peace God. Please God, remove Ruto from your plans and help us to see leaders who will deliver us from our problems and leaders who speak nothing but the truth, who will not lie to Kenyans.” Translates the prayer she made in Kikamba.

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