Kituluni Parents Stage Protest to Push For The Removal of School Head


A demonstration is looming at Kituluni after agitated parents accused the school head of failing to manage the school and of neglecting his duties and also failing to work with other teachers and the non-academic staff to produce good results.

Over 100 parents stormed Kituluni Primary School in Katulani sub-county on Thursday morning demanded that a new principal be sent to the school to instill discipline in the teachers and the students.

According to parents the highest mark to be recorded in the school is 240 marks.

They claimed the headteacher only reports to school twice a week, which had contributed to the deteriorating performance. It is also alleged that he disbanded all school committees to single-handedly manage school.

Mary Kiema, Education officer in the region confirmed that the parents had written a letter to the office on the same. She further urged the agitated parents to be patient as all allegation must be proved for any action to be taken.

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“Reporting is the first step, Relevant authorities have already started investigation and report on the same is being compiled” Mary added.

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