Kitui: You now want to loot Kitui East CDF?


So now apparently as it seems, it has become the new normal for former public officers after looting the public coffers find it fit to now join the parliamentarians.

The infamous Dr. Richard Muthoka who is the former Chief officer of the health ministry in Kitui seems not to have been left out in this ideology. During his tenure the Kchic project which is believed to be the biggest hoax of his boss’s reign as governor was rolled out.

The public hospitals ran out of medicine, staff were unpaid, tenders awarded based on who is who and who gives to ceasar what belongs to ceasar.

Rumor has it that the guy got so greedy that he was even selfish enough not to send some tea his boss’s way, which saw him transferred to the trade docket.

Now he wants the Kitui East CDF kitty to run dry too….. Quite the dreamer isn’t he? The Kitui East people are not a gullible lot, and I believe they know better.

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