Kitui County Roads Minister calls for Ngilu’s Reelection


Kitui County Executive for Roads, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development Hon. Stephen Maithya Watutu attended a colourful retirement party for Mr. Mwalimu Maurice makau at Tanganyika in Yatta Kwavonza in Kitui Rural Subcounty.

Speaking during the Thanksgiving ceremony, Hon. Watutu confirmed the ongoing quality grading at Yatta Kwavonza and other Wards.

The CECM also revealed the upcoming Dustless Program for Kwavonza, Tseikuru, Mbitini and Zombe towns. Watutu informed the residents that it’s only through reelecting HE Governor Ngilu in 2022 general elections that the county will realise her (Wealth Creation) and President Uhuru’s Manufacturing development agenda, that will spur improvement of peoples’ livelihoods in the county, regional and regional scenario.

By Steve Mumbu

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