Former Mwingi Central MP involved in a gruesome accident that left one dead


Former Mwingi Central Member of Parliament Joe Mutambu was on Sunday night, hospitalized moments after visiting an accident scene in Kavenge area long Thika- Garissa highway

Mutambu was involved in a crash that left his driver, Jethro Kyalo dead and several people injured.

“We approached the highway and collided with an oncoming tractor. The driver of the tractor did not stick to his lane as he was driving at the centre of the road.”

“Further, it did not have lights, hence our driver could not immediately identify the tractor because of its dim blue color. We tried to avert the disaster but collided head on with it. We rolled several times,” he stated.

The accident also saw the driver of the tractor and his passenger survive, however, with varying degrees of injuries.

“Fortunately, I escaped the gruesome accident but with injuries. Unfortunately, my driver succumbed to injuries.

The driver of the tractor  and his passenger also sustained numerous injuries. They have been rushed to hospital,” he noted.

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The lawmaker had visited the scene in which a bus that was ferrying people to a wedding plunged into River Enziu killing over 25 people.

Authorities claimed that Mutambu had visited the scene since he had also lost some of his family members in the incident. The former lawmaker is currently admitted at Matuu level 4 hospital

Quick recovery to Hon Joe Mutambu and those injured.

RIP Kyalo

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