County assembly of Makueni approves motion to pay PMCs


The county Assembly of Makueni on Tuesday debated and approved The Report by the Finance and Socioeconomic Planning Committee on unpaid Project Management Committees (PMCS) across the county.

The report tabled by the committee Chairperson Hon. Julius Mutula now compels the executive to among others:

(i)Educate the PMCs on their mandate and rights with regard to projects implementation.

(ii) Clearly spell out AMOUNTS payable to PMCs in the project Bill of Quantities with clear timelines on WHEN the monies should be paid.

(iii)The person responsible for paying the allowances should be CLEARLY spelt out for accountability and follow up purposes.

(iv) Chairing the morning plenary session, Deputy Speaker Harrison Mutie the Finance ECM to make any pending payments on PMCs and report to the Assembly within 7 days, in accordance with the recommendation of the report.

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