Ngilu Launches Multi-million Illimukuyu Water Project at Endau, Kitui East.

Governor Charity Ngilu today launched the Illimukuyu multi-million water project in Kitui East in a bid to solve water shortage in the area in line with her government’s first development agenda.

Speaking during the ground breaking ceremony where locals turned up to witness the launch, Governor Ngilu said the first phase of the project will serve residents of Kamuusa, Kalungu and Ndetani areas among others.

This, according to the Governor will “improve water supply at household levels, improve public health and quality of life through reduced risks of water related diseases, increase public satisfaction of the rural environment, enhance economic growth at the local level and reduce distance and time spent on trekking distances in such of water”.

The project_ funded by the Water Sector Trust Fund and Kitui County Government_ (total of sh. 73million) will benefit 15,506 people, 420 cattle, 200 donkeys, 2300 goats and sheep.

Nzomo Mulingwa, the chairman of the water project says it will be a big relief to the area residents.

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